JUNE 2006

__Hey! Unicorn Pride got a mention in the New York Times today! Check out the little burb on the film at the link! You might have to sign up for a free trial subscription of the NY Times! But it is worth it!
__And if you are in the New York area you should check the movie out! It is playing this Saturday evening at the Staten Island Film Festival!
__And it will be in Boston next Friday at the Loews on the Commons for the Boston International!!!

MAY 2006


Unicorn Pride has two upcoming screenings! You should come! It will be a blast!

June 3rd-(Saturday) 8pm -Staten Island Film Festival at Richmond County Bank Ballpark
June 9th- (Friday) 2:30pm - Boston nternational Film Festival at AMC/LOEWS on the Boston Commons

You can check out the film festivals on their websites!
www.bifilmfestival.com and www.sifilmfestival.org.

APRIL 2006

Good News!
__Unicorn Pride just got into Boston International Film Festival!!!!! The Festival is June 7th through the 11th. So exciting! You should come! I will post the dates and times it will be screening as soon as the Festival lets me know!

__Yea! To April! Unicorn Pride is screen on APRIL 25th! I believe its early in the AM! Yikes! I don't know the exact time but call the high school or bug me! I will find out!!
__Unicorn Pride was also mentioned in the April News letter at Emerson College. Check out the little story.
__I also am going to try to have the DVD's up for sale soon. And if you absolutely have to have a Unicorn Button you can email me and I will send it with your dvd!!
__Hope you are having a pleasant spring! I'm loving it.

Feb 2006
Happy Heart Day!!!

I've got buttons!
I've got movies!!
I've got posters!!

if you want any of the above- contact me via email- and we will work alittle something-something out.

...and I've got dates! Wooohooo

April 25th (One of my favorite days of the whole year- no joke.) There will be a screening happening for New Braunfels High School. So if you go to school there- then yeah! you will get to see it! Awesome! I am waiting to hear about a screening at the Brauntex Theater in downtown New Braunfels. But once I hear- any news- I will put it up here!

Also- some cool news Emerson College has a yearly showcase screening of films that come out of Emerson and Unicorn Pride was selected to screen at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood on March 3rd! So if your in the neighborhood...COME!!

Dec 2005
Happy Holidays!
__Unicorn Pride has been submitted to two festival as of right now and once I get in gear- hopefully a lot more. I am right now in the process of talking to NBHS about getting a day/evening to screen the film in New Braunfels - as of right now I am hoping we can get it screened in January.
__Posters are being pressed for the film as we speak!! I really like them- hopefully you guys will too. I have also found someone who makes
awesome artwork who is going to make buttons for screenings and such. His name is Travis Nichols - you can check out his website which is ilikeapplejuice.com. I'm already sporting one on my mary poppin's of a bag.
__What else- well I am in the process of getting the dvd made. I was really hoping to get it made before the Christmaka season (Hanukkah and Christmas) so I could give the film to people who made the lovely thing and to people who make appearances in it- but I am afraid its probably going to be a new years gift- and hopefully here in enough time for the

May 12, 2005
__Today Jess and I are doing some revisions on the edit that will be screened at May 17th. So if you are in Boston then you should come to the Coolidge and see UNICORN PRIDE. May 17th at 11am. There are some other amazing movies being screened including a film, Care Giver, that Eric and Adam (from Unicorn Pride) made. As soon as the screening is done- I am hitting the road to LA- so while moving- things might be alittle quiet on the Unicorn Pride stuff. If you need anything or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! Hope everyone is doing well! Summer is on its way! wooohoooooo.

May 1, 2005
Hey Ya'll this Friday May 6th @ 12noon there is going to be a screening of Unicorn Pride at Coolidge Corner. It will be showing again May 17th @ 11am. ITS FREE!!! SO YOU SHOULD COME! It should be an awesome time! Maybe some Q&A with all the filmmakers fterwards. There will be other projects screening and they are incredible and amazing too! Come out and show some Unicorn PRIDE!!!!
__Hopefully once things calm down a bit for me- I will start sending out the film to some festivals and hopefully get some more screenings....I definitely plan on screening the film in New Braunfels- its just a matter of figuring out when and where.. ..so I will definitely keep everyone updated on that.
__While I am on the topic of news- I am in the midst of working with Kieran to make posters, postcards and BUTTONS (how exciting!!) for
promotional stuff for the film. So if you want to Rock a Button- let me know!!

April 9, 2005
__It’s getting exciting over here! I am basically in the final steps of getting the film finished. My editor has been amazing! She has been able to take way too many hours of footage and has miraculously created a narrative story. The post-production process would not have been possible without her. We have both invested a lot of time into editing and I think we are both pleased with the outcome so far!
__Last week something awesome happened. I was able to get approval and copyrights to use the song “I Was Born A Unicorn” by The Unicorns for the film. It is really exciting news to find out that things are coming together. I have been also working with a composer to come up with an intro to the piece. It has been challenging as well as fun to work with other creative people from different backgrounds to collaborate on making the film the best it can be in the end.
__I am heading back to Texas to shoot this weekend. Personally, it will be nice because I know the weather will be nice and I will have a little down time to work on this project as well as another film that is in the works.
Friday- I plan on shooting the marquee at New Braunfels High School. The NB ROTC has agreed to set up the marquee for the shoot. I am still waiting to hear if I will be able to get permission to use the stadium and scoreboard. These shots are basically for insert /ending shots to help give a conclusion to the film. Not to give too much about the film away but as well as having establishing shots in the beginning…the end needs establishing shots that help prompt the audience to understand that the film is coming to an end.
__More updates to come! I promise!

November 5th, 2004
__The Canyon game was so intense! What a close game! Canyon High School was nice enough to let us shoot. Some of our best footage came from this game. The energy was so high you can feel it on screen.
__With having three cameras going, we were constantly switching out batteries and having to finding outlets to recharge them. We have found that press boxes or Mat rooms tend to have multiple electricity outlets. Once the game was over with we had gone back to the car and started do inventory of the equipment. We realized that we had forgotten some batteries in the press box. We then had to rush back to the stadium and somehow get back into the shutdown stadium to retrieve the battery and charger. Luckily we found a police officer that was able to then direct us to a Canyon Athletic Staff member who was able to get us into the locked press box. Everything worked out okay- but it definitely was one of those momentary scares.

October 28, 29th and 30th
__Well this trip down to Texas I brought two crew members with me from Boston. On the drive to the house from the airport the Red Sox won the World Series. It was weird to be away from Boston when that happened. But I guess I will never forget sitting in the car hearing about it.
__Neither of the guys had really been to Texas before so it was neat to see their reaction to everything and to show them around. Both of them are really talented filmmakers so I felt like I could give them the freedom to explore and shoot what they found intriguing. Thursday we followed around vice-principal Mr. Mike Reimer for a while. He introduced us to several players and shared stories about the students and football players. After that we went to the Dance Room and interviewed Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Castilleja. The mascot was actually there so we interviewed him as well.
__Friday happened so quickly. Adam and Eric and I headed to the high school in the morning to talk to the Broadcast Journalism students. We talked to them about some basics about framing and white balancing. Friday afternoon we shot the pep rally and then had a little bit of down time before the game so all of the crew went to Granzin’s BBQ. Now I don’t eat meat, but I can swear by their sweet ice tea and potato salad. The guys loved it (sweet tea and BBQ) and we had to go back for multiple meals! It was awesome…
__The game went really well. During half-time a band member lost the instrument-tool thing that holds the sheet music to their musical instrument. I bring this up because when the game got started up again a football player stumbled upon it. The player picked it up and chunked it to the side of the field. When he did this, it hit Graham on the head (he kind of fell to his knees). There was a little bit of blood. Doc checked him out and he was okay. Who knew that a film shoot could be so dangerous! We have some out take footage of Graham and his injury…in retrospect it was a funny event.
The Unicorns won- by a lot. I believe that this made interviewing a little bit easier on Saturday morning. I mean it is a lot easier to talk about a win than a lost. After Saturday morning interviews and pick up shots (of the school and stadium) we had some down time before we left for Boston on Sunday.

September 2004
__Well we only had one real issue and that was that we had no sound on one of the cameras. It turns out that one little button was switched in the field mixer so everything sounded as if you were listening to the TV from the room down the hall, with the door shut.
__ This is what a run through was about! Making sure we worked out the kinks.
__ The locker room footage is so exciting. It was awesome to have the access to be behind the scenes. I mean even when I was in high school and attended games I had no clue about pre-game activities that didn’t include going to dinner with my friends. When we were in the locker room all the players were so intense! None of the players looked at us- it was like we weren’t there! Which was awesome! Usually when having cameras around people tend to play to the camera. Everyone stayed focused on the game and it allowed for us to do a better job.
__ The crew worked so hard. It was really inspiring to see a group of people come together to work to make a film that I wanted to create. The crew’s dedication makes the film possible. I cannot even convey how amazing the crew has been. A New Braunfels student, Rebekah, has been such an asset to the crew. Rebekah made the most amazing signs to hang in front of the stadium. The signs look very professional and are a great source of information for the audience to be able to read. You know it’s effective when you hear people talking about it and trying to spot out the crew on the field. Rebekah has also been such a stress reliever for me. She has willingly helped take over the process of collecting release forms. Which is a lot of work.
__I cannot thank Jesse enough for all of his time and energy he is putting into the project. Anything from getting crew to equipment to last minute issues- Jesse has been able to make things run smoothly.
__ Once the initial shooting got underway everyone relaxed. (Manly I relaxed up while everyone else stayed calm and collected through out the entire shoot.)
__ After the game, the players had their traditional dinner in the Mat Room at the field house. WE shot a bit of it. Once we loaded up the equipment we headed back to headquarters (aka my parents house) and watched some of the footage that we shot. I was thoroughly impressed by the 24P cameras. The image is amazing. Instead of shooting normal video – which is 30 frames per second- we shot on 24 frames per second. The decrease in frames allows the image to look more like film. I think everyone was really happy with the footage. The only real problem was the audio on the one camera…but then again we had multiple cameras so that helped.

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